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At C&G, your car is in expert hands! A Mercedes-Benz car needs to be serviced every 12 months or after every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. But scheduled servicing is not the only reason to drive down to C&G Repair. We offer bodywork, a range of repair services and help you maintain your vehicle’s performance, safety, and reliability over the long term. We have dedicated experience serving the needs of Mercedes-Benz drivers for more than 25 years. Over the years, we have traced the technology advancements by the automaker and worked on various models and model years.      
  • 22 Years in Business
    C&G is a one-top auto repair shop for locals seeking a single, dependable point of contact to service, repair and enhance their car. We perform the required scheduled maintenance on new and certified pre-owned Mercedes—Benz vehicles.
  • Trusted by Auto Buyers
    We provide quality recommendations on a car-by-car basis. It is not in our core values to upsell or push unnecessary auto parts on you. If it makes better financial sense to buy a new car rather than repair the drivetrain and other moving parts of your old car, we give you our honest opinion. Most of our customers have been with us since many years and interact with our technicians on a first-name basis. We take pride in forming long-standing relationships. The flexibility to gauge the history of a car and a more intimate understanding of our customers’ lives allows us to suggest relevant, practical and ultimately beneficial solutions.
  • Affordable Auto Prices
    We perform the required scheduled maintenance on new and certified pre-owned Mercedes—Benz vehicles.

Our Services

AC Service

Your car’s AC may not be blowing cold for a number of reasons. A failing compressor, a leaking line, low Freon levels are just a few symptoms. We fix them ALL!  With our certified technicians and state of the art equipment we will have your car back up and running in no time!


Body Shop Repairs

We offer a wide variety of body shop repairs.  From a simple fender bender to a full paint job we can do the job!  With top quality paint products and staff that aims for perfection you will be impressed.  With over 15 years of experience we get the job done right the first time.  Come out and see us for a free estimate!

Brake Check

We inspect your car’s brake pads, brake fluid, and rotors. If you suspect a brake problem, schedule a repair with us at the earliest.

Electrical Works

We check if your car’s electrical systems are working properly. We also diagnose and fix all manner of electrical faults related to your car’s interior equipment as well as drivetrain.

General Repairs

Our general repairs include your car’s engine, transmission, A/C and heating system, tires, brakes and other essentials. All repair and maintenance are performed to the highest standards.

Oil change service

When it is time for your next oil change, we will perform this service as well as check your oil filter, and make a replacement if needed.

Preventative Maintenance

It is important to get preventative maintenance on your vehicle to protect and extend the life of your vehicle. Our services for preventative maintenance include oil and filter change, coolant flush, transmission flush, air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, service A B C.  Our maintenance services will ensure your driving safety for the years to come.


The Mercedes Benz suspension system suffers wear and tear over time. Maintain the fabulous handling and dynamics of your car with our suspension repair.

Timing Belt & Water Pump Service

Don’t wait for your timing belt to break. A broken belt could lead to expensive repairs causing major engine damage.  We are here to help call us or schedule an appointment.

Wheel Balancing

If your car’s wheels are not wearing evenly, your ride quality will suffer. Our wheel balancing service protects tire life, fuel economy, and driving safety.

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Our specialty is Mercedes but our technicians are able to work on all European vehicles.

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